Economics 101

Fall 2017

Welcome to my Econ 101 page for Fall 2017. Here I will post various updates throughout the semester for my students, as well as provide links to the weekly handouts as they become available. More detailed information on the course can be found on Professor Kelly’s webpage.


12 December - Handout 12 posted. Good luck on the final exam, and have a good break!

5 December - Handout 11 posted.

19 November - Handouts 9 and 10 posted. Exam grades should be posted to Canvas some time this week. Have a good Thanksgiving break!

6 November - Handout 8 posted. HW 3 has been graded and can be collected from me during office hours or section.

30 October - Handout 7 posted. HW 3 due tomorrow. As a reminder, some of the harder topics of the course are coming up, so make use of the resources available to you in order not to fall behind.

25 October - Handout 6 uploaded.

8 October - Handout 5 uploaded. The first homework has been graded and can be picked up during my office hours on Monday (11 AM - 12 PM and 2 - 3 PM). Don’t forget that HW 2 is due Tuesday at the start of lecture, and that if you want to use it to study, to make a copy of it, since we won’t be able to return it before the exam.

1 October - Handout 4 uploaded. The first Midterm will be on Thursday, 12 October. If you are looking to get a headstart on studying, the first place to look should be the past exams on Professor Kelly’s webpage, particularly those from past fall and spring semesters.

25 September - Handout 3 uploaded. As a reminder the homework due date has been pushed to Tuesday, 3 October to allow you more time with the PPF material.

20 September - Handout 2 has been uploaded. Last section was a lot to take in given that we were a bit ahead of the lecture. Although we will be following the lecture from here on, the pace will not slow down, so it is important to keep up. If anything is confusing, you should work practice problems and ask questions in office hours until you achieve clarity on the topic. Many ideas will build on earlier ones, so unresolved confusion will compound.

10 September - I’ve uploaded Handout 1 and its solutions. If some of the topics covered in section this week seem a bit unclear, feel free to email me or attend office hours, but also to solve some of the exercises not covered on the handout. Mathematical fluency will come with practice.

Gary Baker

I’m an economic theory grad student at UW–Madison. I am currently (Fall 2021) on the job market.